A Love from the Mountains to the Sea…

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July 11, 2016

July 11, 2015 || Fresno State Winery

For a couple whose love affair began while working at a Fresno State softball game, it’s only fitting their wedding was held at the school that played a role in bringing them together.  I’ve had the privilege of getting to watch Ali and Geoff’s relationship blossom and everything about their wedding was absolutely perfect.

They both share a BIG love for the outdoors. In fact, one of their first dates was a trip to Yosemite National Park.  Over the past several years, they went on to tackle many hikes there including Half Dome (even one trip with me!). For their big day, they had a custom logo made to illustrate their love for the wilderness. Guests to the wedding could find the logo sprinkled throughout the ceremony. My favorite was the fancy mason jar glasses, which we were able to take home!


Inside: horchata + white wine (SO GOOD!)

Let’s rewind a little bit more to give you a better background about the couple. When they met, Ali was working for Fresno State’s Athletics Department and Geoff worked in Media Services at the University of Oregon.  One day, when the Ducks were visiting the Bulldogs for a softball game, the two met.  But they’d crossed paths two years before that at a Volleyball game. (Zoom and pinch and you’ll see Ali on the bottom right corner. Geoff is the stud on the left side, wearing a neon green polo top)


August 28, 2010

Good news: they hit it off. Not so good news: they lived hundreds of miles apart in different states.  Ali and Geoff didn’t let the distance get in the way of their love affair. Over the next couple of years, they stayed connected by visiting each other and through tons of phone calls.  Eventually, Geoff decided to make the big move to California and the rest is history.

Their celebration at Fresno State actually wasn’t the day they technically got married.  Remember that love of the outdoors I mentioned earlier?  Ali and Geoff opted for a private ceremony in Yosemite, attended only by one of their best friends (who served as the officiant) and his girlfriend.


Stunning, right?

A month later, family and friends were able to celebrate their union with one of the most relaxed ceremonies- EVER. I mean.. it began with a group meditation! It was held at the Fresno State Winery, which was transformed into a fabulous venue featuring hay bales,  and bottles of school-made vino.  Guests were invited to take their shoes off (I obliged!) and leave messages for the couple on pictures they printed out.  THE COOLEST THING was the mix they made, featuring songs they had on CDs they exchanged in the first 17 months of their relationship. To get a feel of their music style here’s some of their songs: “Be My Baby”- The Ronettes, “Never Never Gonna Give You Up”-Cake, “Strangers”-The Kinks, and “Thank You”-Led Zeppelin (the inspiration behind this post title). The packaging for the CD itself was pretty cool too!

In front of dozens of their loved ones, Ali and Geoff officially became Mr. and Mrs. Thurner (again) and this time, their adorable pup Tace got to be a part of it.  For this celebration, Ali had her mom’s wedding day dress transformed into a stunning and backless number.  And that same pattern was used to make Tace’s tie (so fancy!)


Happy Anniversary to two absolutely adorable and loving people! On this day and always, I wish you lots of love, happiness, good health and puppy kisses 🙂


Special Thanks to: David Roost with David Roost Creative for allowing me to use the image from the Thurners’ Yosemite wedding, and an image of the logo he created for the happy couple

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