Getting Maui’d with the Trojans

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August 31, 2016

Maui, HI || Sheraton Maui, Kaanapali Beach|| 8.31.10

There aren’t many reasons for couples to get married on a Tuesday, but for the Wongs- one very important reason was enough: A USC football game.  Kelli and Alex are hardcore  Trojans fans (his whole family are alumni; he graduated in 2002) and they hardly miss any games.

When it came time to plan their wedding, Kelli expressed to Alex that Maui had always been somewhere she’d dreamed of getting married. Obviously he would be on board; who says no to Maui?  Then once he realized USC was playing in Hawaii that year, that sealed the deal.

There’s so much more to their love affair with the Trojans, but this is a blog about weddings so I’ll get to the “important” stuff. 🙂

Being all the way in California made it a little tough for Kelli to plan their destination wedding.  They had only seen the location through pictures and had to rely on organizers to help visualize what their big day would be like.  But again, this is Maui we’re talking about.  Everything about Maui is fabulous.

All photos by Jerry Verdin & Max Young with Film Foto Fusion

The Wongs became husband and wife on a beautiful Tuesday evening, surrounded by 32 of their family and friends. Everything about their big day was perfect, and SO MUCH love was felt throughout the entire ceremony. You can see a wrap up of their wedding, in video form here, thanks to our friends with Film Foto Fusion.

wongs in hawaii

Just two days later, they were able to enjoy their first Trojans game together as husband and wife, along with some of their family and friends. The cherry on top was a victory for USC, who beat Hawaii 49-36.

It doesn’t end there.  A month later, Kelli and Alex held a reception much closer to home so more of their loved ones could celebrate their marriage. And this party included a taste of the islands.  Guests learned of their seating arrangements through a cute mini-umbrella display, were welcomed to their seats by a sweet treat straight from Hawaii.. and even had the option of indulging in shaved ice at the end of the night.

The best feature was saved for last and allowed them to showcase their love for the Trojans in another way.  Only select few knew, but Kelli had a fabulous surprise planned for her husband: a performance by the USC band!  After all the guests enjoyed their dinner, they made their entrance.  I’m not as into the Trojans as they are, but even I got excited when this happened.  And yes, their performance included the Trojans’ Fight Song.

6 years later, the Wongs are happier than ever. Their love for each other and the Trojans has grown so much that they decided to make the most amazing man cave ever:

… And now, they have someone else to share their Trojan love with.


Alexis, a Trojan-in-Training

Happy Anniversary, Kelli and Alex!



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