The Wedding that Started it All

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September 20, 2016

Fresno, CA || Engelmann Cellars || 9.20.14

When Marquese and I became engaged, we’d already been together for 7 years.  At that point, I had almost lost hope it would even happen. (For the record: I’m so glad I didn’t!) When he proposed during our first visit to NYC together- I was beyond ready… or so I thought.

Sure, I’d been to TONS of weddings–that made me a pro, right? How hard could it be to organize a wedding?  On our TWO YEAR anniversary, I’m looking back on our big day and how planning it together made me love him so much more while giving me a new appreciation for weddings.

The first shocker was coming up with our guest list.  The day after our engagement, during a train ride from New York to Virginia, we spent some time drafting a list of who we wanted to be at the #BroritoWedding.  There were at least 300 people on that list! It wasn’t until the harsh reality of a “budget” set in, that we realized we couldn’t invite everyone we knew.

What I loved the most about the process was working with Marquese to put it all together. For years, he joked about how “hands off” he would be and all he’d have to do was show up.  That was definitely not the case, and I’m glad.  Even though it got stressful at times, it brought us together, taught me so much about the man I’d be spending the rest of my life with- AND it made the payoff so much more rewarding.

Coming up with the theme for the #BroritoWedding was easy. Since we met on the job, we tried to sprinkle in our love for NEWS as much as we could.  It began with our video announcement: a fake newscast, anchored by one of our dearest friends.  We also made newspaper-themed invitations complete with a front page writeup on our relationship, a #Broritos trivia crossword puzzle and wedding day horoscopes.

The detail I am most proud of, and what may have been the most tedious project ever, was hand-making all of the takeaway gifts we gave to our guests. On each place setting was an ornament, filled with shredded newspaper.  It took months, and the commitment of a few of my bridesmaids to get 230 of them done. (By the way, if you didn’t take yours home, please let me know and I will gladly send you one!)

Some of the other planning highlights included: cake tasting, sampling dishes by potential caterers and figuring out our music situation (DJ Rass and The Experience killed it!!!)

On the bottom of our list of responsibilities was registering for gifts and coming up with the seating chart. Marquese was a trooper and took on one of the  most time-consuming tasks: collecting wine bottles from our family and friends to use as centerpieces for the reception.  I also put him in charge of taking off all of their labels!

The biggest lesson I learned- and everyone warned me about this- was that the day was going to fly by.  They were SO right.  I can think of at least 10 people I didn’t get to say hi to at our wedding and to this day I get sad thinking about it.

But the smartest thing I did was plan to have someone take control of my facebook & twitter feeds for the day.  As many of you know, social media plays a big role in my life (especially now!) and it was so important for me to maintain a presence online on the biggest day of my life.  Thanks to my ‘cousin’ Nick, all of my friends got play-by-play updates on what was going on at all times, thanks to facebook and twitter.  My sweet friend Clare broadcast the entire ceremony on ustream, so loved ones far and away could watch it live (this was way before facebook live was invented!).

Two years later, I get to relive the #BroritoWedding online with the pictures and videos posted on facebook, instagram and twitter.  The role social media played on our big day – and the planning involved — inspired me to create #HashtagiDo. It has been amazing to share my love for weddings and social media with so many couples and I’m looking forward to helping even more #breaktheinternet.

What makes it all even more amazing is knowing Marquese completely supports me with this endeavor.  Happy Anniversary, baby!


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    Beautiful wedding and creative ideas!!

    September 21, 2016

      Thank you SO MUCH!

      September 23, 2016

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