#GoingPlattinum at Toca Madera

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October 15, 2016

Madera, CA || Toca Madera Winery || 10.1.16

Anyone who’s lived in the Central Valley long enough can attest to how unpredictable temperatures can be during this time of the year.  Technically, it’s fall.. but in the Fresno area,  fall doesn’t really kick in until the end of the month.

For Alison and Brandon, mother nature more than cooperated on October 1, with a temperature of 77 degrees.  The couple hosted a stunning celebration at Toca Madera Winery that brought together their loved ones.


Toca Madera’s gorgeous vineyards provided a breathtaking backdrop for family and friends during  Ali and Brandon’s ceremony. One of their best friends, Adam Forbes, served as the officiant and did a fantastic job articulating the love the couple shared for each other.  It’s also worth mentioning that he included some hip hop references during the ceremony, including “Unconditional Love” by Tupac. See the entire ceremony here!

Once the couple had their first kiss as husband and wife, it was time to let loose!

A beautiful display held place settings for family and friends. And instead of numbers, tables were labeled by different places meaningful to the couple.  They included AT&T Park, Chicago, and Shenanigans, the Fresno bar where they met.  Their thoughtfulness was taken to another level- by seating the friends who introduced them to each other at that table.

Every detail of the evening helped remind guests of the sweet love story they were there to celebrate.  I’m not just talking about the centerpieces or the music they selected- but each person who got on the microphone, spoke from the heart and shared fabulous details of the affection Ali and Brandon have for each other.  While the speeches from the fathers of the bride and groom were traditional… the bride’s sisters tapped into their creative side for theirs.  Heather and Shannon spent some time writing their remix, and worked with the geniuses at GoodTimes Entertainment to practice ahead of the big day.  That practice definitely paid off!

Ali and Brandon had a fantastic group of loved ones to help them celebrate the biggest day of their life together, who all made sure to keep them company on the dance floor.  The cherry on top to this fun and love-filled evening was having Sweetie’s Candy there serving up cotton candy, frozen slushies and other goodies!  It was there, in line, I got to spend some time with the bride and congratulate her and Brandon on the big step they just took together.

This celebration was the best way for two Valley teachers who fell in love three years ago.  And for the football fans, it was only appropriate that they used Brandon’s longtime fantasy football name as their wedding day hashtag.  Because #GoingPlattinum is such a brilliant play on their last name, it is now a part of  the HashtagiDo hashtag hall of fame!


Congratulations again to the beautiful couple!


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