Frozen & Proposin’

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December 19, 2016

San Francisco, CA || Union Square || 12.17.16


I often hear stories about how nerve-wracking planning a proposal is, so when my friend and colleague Brian mentioned his idea to pop the question to his longtime girlfriend while ice skating… two things came to mind.  I thought, ‘ooooh.. this could be really pretty’ and ‘what if someone slips and falls?!’  Luckily, Brian had some experience from his days growing up in Minnesota.  As a West-coaster, Megan didn’t spend too much time on ice skates.

Brian and Megan met in Chico, where he was working as a reporter and she was attending college. Megan’s roommate was a reporter for the Chico State paper and had a friend who had an assignment  on Tinder. After downloading the dating app to help her friend with the story, Megan ended up meeting Brian.


Megan + Brian had their first date here ^^

Within a week they made plans to go out.  It wasn’t until they were at Cafe Coda (a Chico favorite) they realized they‘d both been at the same party-separately- the night before.  In fact, they were sitting at the same table!

Megan says she kind of thought the proposal might be happening this weekend, mostly because they recently looked at rings.  Little did she know, Brian was ready to make things happen. He’d already begun the process of buying the ring she picked out.  Megan also was suspicious when Brian floated the idea of going out of town. However, she was definitely surprised he popped the question while ice skating.

Brian only had one plan when it came to getting down on one knee.  He got Megan to take a skate break by telling her he needed to fix his shoelaces. When she turned around, he was in place on one knee with the ring in his hand.  At that point, Megan says she couldn’t hear anything besides the words “Will you marry me?”

After Megan said YES, skaters around them broke out into a round of applause.  Then, they enjoyed a couple more laps, where strangers stopped  to congratulate them and wish them well.

Now that they are on solid ground, they are thrilled about their next adventure: planning their big day.  Congratulations Megan and Brian!

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