A Hidden Gem Rich with History

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February 2, 2017

img_2534At the heart of Fresno’s Tower District is a spectacular property that has, for decades, hosted hundreds of weddings, showers and many other celebrations. Vintage Rose is aesthetically appealing inside and out, but after learning about the building’s history- I fell in love even more.

The moment you set foot into the 111 year Victorian home, you’re instantly taken on a trip back in time. Angie Rivera is the third person to own the property and carefully hand picked every piece of furniture and decoration inside the two-story structure to coincide with Vintage Rose’s theme. Some are from her personal collection and she picked up plenty of other items from local estate sales.

The home was built in 1906, and its first owner was a doctor, who used the space for his practice.  Years later, the Lewis family moved their business and family into the home.  They were also known to use the property as a venue that hosted tailgate events for Fresno State back in the 60’s.

When Angie moved in 17 years ago, she kept all of the original pieces in place.  A stained glass window in one of the rooms remains untouched, a room partition made out of a train trestle from the bay area is still intact… along with other details I’ll let you experience on your own.

Angie found this hidden gem in 2000, while searching for a place to open her tea party business.  It’s a venture that came about accidentally… for a lack of better words.  For her granddaughter’s 5th birthday, Angie hosted a ‘high tea’ themed party for several of her granddaughter’s friends.  The celebration ended up being a hit, with eight parents approaching her afterwards to book parties for their daughters.  This was something she hadn’t planned, but the experience opened up so many doors for her.


In the first few years, Angie focused on her high tea parties.  One of her favorite events involved a celebration for kids with a local foster group who had just completed a course on etiquette.  The group of girls was treated to an afternoon at Vintage Rose, complete with a makeover and a game of croquet.

It wasn’t until a few years after opening her business that Angie hosted her first wedding at Vintage Rose.  Through the years, she has seen increasing interest from couples who live in the Bay Area, Southern California and even out of state.  What she loves even more than sharing this space with these couples and their families is being able to help them with the planning process along the way.

Arianna and Adrian Ordonez became husband and wife at Vintage Rose almost four years ago.  They say part of their decision to get married there was because they enjoy the Downtown and Tower District area.  They also said the Vintage Rose provided the rustic vibe they were seeking.

They’re just one of the hundreds of couples who have tied the knot here through the years. Weddings kept the Vintage Rose busy in 2016.  Angie estimates they had 3 weddings each month, and they came in all sizes (some as small as six guests!)

Her 17th year in the business is already off to a good start.  Just last weekend, she helped plan a wedding in just a week! Angie is prepared more than ever before with a team of dedicated team members (including a fantastic in-house chef!)  who help make each experience memorable for every client and their families.

Angie is available to give tours by appointment only. Her contact information is available online.

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