The Rochas’ Love Story

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February 14, 2017

Susan & John Rocha: Married for 36 years [11/8/80]


Aside from their amazing chemistry together, a health scare may be one of the biggest reasons Susan and John have their happily ever after.  In 1979, Susan was in Europe when she became so sick, she had to come back home.  After being diagnosed with hepatitis and on bed rest for months, her plans to make a move to Paris were completely put on the back burner.  She eventually recovered and once she was well enough to go out, her best friend Annie encouraged Susan to go on a date with one of her coworkers.

It was absolutely love at first sight for the both of them. And they didn’t wait long before committing to marriage: 8 months to be exact!  Susan and John say they just knew they were right for each other… and they were so right.

Through the years, they’ve raised two beautiful children (who have gone on to marry two gorgeous women), dedicated 10 years to Charlotte’s Bakereatery (and worked side by side through it all) and now in retirement, they are still as happy and connected as ever.


“Our ‘secret’ to long lasting love: friendship, respect, trust– all the things we need as human beings.  We’ve been through some tough times together and the way we have been able to do that is simply through just living, getting through each day by holding each other, raising each other up, and making each other smile and laugh.”



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