A Perfectly Imperfect Proposal

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February 23, 2017

Reedley, CA || 2.11.17

Sometimes even the best-laid plans go out the window…thousands of feet above ground.

In their two years together, most of Darrell and Rheanna’s  adventures have been spontaneous. So when Darrell suggested they check out the blossom trail last Saturday, Rheanna thought it was just another day.

Darrell is a photographer, so a lot of their free time is spent sightseeing and looking for scenic backdrops. While on their short road trip to Reedley, Darrell took a detour to the airport. He told Rheanna he wanted to take pictures of the planes there.  As they arrived, Darrell nonchalantly let her know he was friends with a pilot who would take them up in his plane to give them a different view of the blossoms.

Even then, Rheanna says she didn’t have any suspicions of what was going to happen.  Neither of them had ever done anything like this and both loved the opportunity to enjoy the green, lush, picture perfect sights from above.

Darrell says this surprise is an idea he came up with last year, but he didn’t actually get the ball rolling until last week.  What he didn’t anticipate was the way he would feel while on the flight…and it wasn’t caused by nerves at all.

dham sick af.PNG

Darrell said he started to feel the effects of motion sickness as soon as the flight took off. So his plans to surprise Rheanna with an aerial proposal were nearly grounded.  In fact, he was so sick he couldn’t even get the words out of his mouth.

Just as he tapped her shoulder and presented the ring to her, he curled over in his seat and let it go. And by ‘let it go’ I mean he threw up. Rheanna was excited about the proposal but had to take care of Darrell. She went into “help mode” because he wasn’t feeling well.  They made the trip back to the airport so Darrell could show Rheanna a part of the surprise she missed while in the air.

Hours before taking off for their road trip, Darrell drove to his cousin’s house, which was along the flight path.  He spent nearly 2 hours writing out “Marry me?” in chalk on grass on his cousin’s property. It wasn’t until he got back home, when Darrell realized there was a spelling error:


In hindsight, it was minor misstep. The same could be said for the in-flight adventure.

Rheanna loved the thought Darrell put into the surprise and is so happy about the big step they have committed to taking…together.

They have not yet set a date for their big day, but until then, you can watch Rheanna and Darrell’s perfectly imperfect proposal here:



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