A Proposal JUST RIGHT for the (future) Pecks

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March 6, 2017

Fresno, CA || 2.11.17

Valentine’s Day may be one of the most popular times of the year for couples to become engaged, and when Dave began plotting his plan to pop the question to April, he took that into consideration.  The weekend before the romantic holiday, Dave went to a jewelry store with the intention of looking.  He and April, who had been dating for 6 years, had already done some browsing together. This time around, he was on his own.

It didn’t take him too long to find the ring just right for April, thanks to a friend who works there.  On his way out, he was caught off guard when someone asked how he was going to propose. He didn’t know… and just responded with “it’s more my style to do it right now.”

It was at that moment Dave decided it was going to happen right away.  Since it was lunchtime, that was an easy excuse for Dave to get April to meet him.  His initial thought was to meet up at the restaurant where they had their first date (Yosemite Ranch), but since it was closed, he chose Yard House as THE PLACE to make it happen.

Once  being seated, Dave wasted no time.  He knocked a knife to the ground as a way to get down on one knee.  After that, it all unfolded quickly for the both of them.

April explained she thought when the time came, she would be able to tell because she assumed he would act strange, but that was not the case.  For Dave, the nerves didn’t begin to rattle until just before it happened. And what was most important for him was to keep it as ‘under wraps’ as possible, in a public place. With the exception of the server who attempted to help pick up the silverware, no one knew what was going on.


Somehow this was the only picture I took of April & Dave when I surprised them after the proposal

Both of them say this low-key and private-ish proposal was absolutely perfect for them.

“I like that it wasn’t a place I was expecting,” said April. “I also enjoyed that it was a spur of the moment thing. It’s just a reflection of the type of relationship we have.”



After the proposal, they called some family and friends to let them in on the exciting news.  They waited until they got home to  share details with their fur baby, Brady.

April says after she showed their Labrador the ring, he immediately licked it and her face… kind of like he knew too!  Of course, besides Brady’s approval, it meant a lot to them to have the support of Dave’s children and the rest of their loved ones.


April and Dave met in 2010 through the app, Plenty of Fish.  Dave admits he first thought, it wasn’t the best place to find a potential partner but then eventually realized, “why can’t it happen here?”

For April, the excitement of their engagement goes beyond a shiny new accessory on her left ring finger and the joy of wedding planning.  Now, after about 6 years, she is now an official member of the Peck family and can get her picture up at Dave’s grandmother’s house.   Congratulations friends!


An adorable pic from the #broritowedding

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