Bibi & Cathy’s Story: In Our Words

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March 8, 2017
San Francisco, CA || San Francisco City Hall || 12.11.15



We met while we were both living in Nashville, TN in 2008. Cathy was a travel nurse at Vanderbilt Children’s Hospital and I (Bibi)was working in the music business.  Cathy being a New Yorker and me being a California girl, we had an instant connection being “fish out of water” in the South. It was a couple years later, Cathy had moved to Arizona, I was still in Nashville, when I nearly broke my neck by dropping a kayak on my head.

bibi neck brace

This is THE selfie!

I posted a selfie on Facebook with my sexy neck brace, doped up on morphine and Cathy saw that and sent me a message asking “WTF did you do?”, she concluded the message with “you still have a radiant smile”.

I was instantly smitten. 2 weeks and several hours of phone conversations later I was on a plane to Arizona where we had a weekend rendezvous and we both knew then that we would be together the rest of our lives.



[From Bibi] What I love about Cathy is she is “the fun one”, everyone who meets her is instantly drawn to her outgoing personality, she has compassion and charisma. She is also very hardworking, she works hard to provide a nice life for us, it’s a trait that was instilled in her growing up in a New York/Italian family and I love that.

[From Cathy] What I love about Bibi is her radiant smile, she has a fabulous and sick sense of humor that I love. I also love her sense of adventure. she loves to plan trips and do spontaneous things, every amazing place we go it’s because she wants create lasting memories for us to share.


We had originally been planning a fall wedding in NY 2 years prior to us actually getting married.  After we had the venue picked and the budget set, we started really adding it all up, and decided spending a lot of money on a wedding wasn’t the wisest choice. I think being women in our 40’s we are more practical and ultimately we decided to use the wedding money on a down payment for our house in Fresno (best decision ever). 

We still wanted a special day with our closest family members and we wanted it to be fun. We picked the San Francisco City Hall for the history it has with the gay rights movement and because it’s an absolutely gorgeous building.

A super cool tidbit about our city hall ceremony: the judge who married us told us that the robe and collar she was wearing was the same robe and collar that was worn when Harvey Milk was sworn in. The judge had been given the vestment by the female judge who had originally worn them and gave them to her because she knew they would hold historical significance one day.

2015-12-11 19.03.44

20 years ago we never would have imagined that we would have the right to be married. When the Supreme Court was hearing the Obergefell v. Hodges case, we were so nervous. The whole LGBT community was nervous. So when the SCOTUS ruled in favor of marriage equality, we were elated; we cried and we celebrated. It was always a matter of equality for us, our equal rights to have what every other American citizen has rights to. Now that we have marriage equality and we have been to so many weddings and celebrated with our love openly, it seems so weird to think that something so basic and so simple as equality was ever denied to us. 

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