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April 21, 2017

Calligraphy has made quite the comeback over the past few years and it is allowing more couples to add personal flair to their wedding day décor. This is an area of expertise Shelley with Scribble and Script is happy to help with!   After falling in love with the artform, Shelley followed tutorials online and taught herself how to do calligraphy.

“I was desperately in search of a job that didn’t feel like ‘work’. When I happened upon the Modern Calligraphy trend, I never thought I could have turned it into a successful business because I couldn’t image ever being as talented as the professionals I stalked on social media. One not so special day, I decided to start mimicking the calligraphy videos I watched so often and I fell into the industry from there. It was not an easy road.  It took months of practice and almost a year of building my portfolio before I trusted myself to sell my work. I am a perfectionist and always refuse to sell people inferior product.”

Over the past few years, she has helped plenty of Central Valley couples with her talents.  This venture started with addressing envelopes for friends, then she began to offer wedding signage, home decor and custom commissions.

“I light up any time a bride approaches me to create a custom seating chart for their wedding,” Shelley says.  “It always involves so much more time and energy than any other piece I make, but seeing people’s faces when they gaze upon my hard work is well worth it. Writing 200 names on a 5ft antique window is never an easy task, but I will never say no to an intimidating challenge.”

But her love of calligraphy allows her to do non-wedding crafts too!  

In fact, she loves it so much she is sharing the love by teaching calligraphy classes!  This is how Shelley and I became BFF’s.

I organized a class for some of my dearest friends last Christmas!

She can come to you and meet up with you and some of your BFFs in the comfort of your own home (which is a BLAST by the way).  On top of that, you can catch one of her monthly classes at Urban Umbrella.

You can also find the other goodies she makes on Instagram.  Shelley’s personalized wine glasses make great birthday presents, and over the holidays I LOVED the custom ornaments she made for some of my family members.

When she started Scribble & Script about a year ago, she never imagined it would take her to where she is today and she is excited about what the future holds for her growing company, especially when it comes to weddings.  “There is something to be said for making pretty things for people. Every inch of what I create comes from my heart,” Shelley says.  “I can truly sit back and stare at my pieces knowing I poured every ounce of myself into it, and it makes me smile. If I can spend the rest of my days bringing beauty into this world, I will consider myself a lucky gal.”

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